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Crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, who are four times more likely to die in a car accident than all other age groups combined.

Our purpose at is to help promote safe driving among teens. We work to educate parents and teens on the importance of safe driving. Our purpose is not to get teens in trouble, but rather to help them understand the dangers of unsafe driving and the privileges of driving in general. As adults, we know that the teenage years are hard enough without having to deal with automobile accidents and injuries.

That's why we developed a method of monitoring teen driving as they experience this new ‘thrill’ independently. By registering your teen on our site (providing car and contact information), we'll send you a uniquely identified bumper sticker that sends persons witnessing unsafe driving to our website,, to report an incident. Using this identifiable bumper sticker, persons are able to visit our website and file an incident report for any unsafe driving. Should any reports be filed, we'll email them to you. Our system allows for you to have comfort in knowing your child is being watched even though you aren’t there. For teens, it allows them the opportunity to maintain their driving privileges through safe driving.

The first step is to establish rules for driving with your teen. Let them know and understand the rules of driving before they even get in the car. Once the rules are set and agreed upon, place the bumper sticker on your teens car. This bumper sticker will allow for other persons to monitor and report any incidence of unsafe driving to you through our website. The unique number on the sticker is directly related to your teen’s record. If an incident is reported, will contact you via email with a copy of the incident report.

We encourage parents to talk with their teens about driving way before the age of 16. Begin training and instilling that responsibility well before they are of age. This will better help to prepare them as a safe driver and you as a parent of a teen driver. We also encourage continuous communication with your teens throughout their new driving years and offer tips on how to talk with them. Together we can create a safer environment for everyone on the road.