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More than any age group, teens are likely to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

Usually the first years of driving are exciting and thrilling for all.  One of the highest trafficked areas among new driver’s is school property.  That’s why TeenDriving not only works with the schools to promote safe driving on campus, but we also donate a portion of our sales to go towards local high schools with drivers participating in our program.

At TeenDriving we encourage teachers and school faculty to always promote safe driving among their students.  Below are some safety tips to share with students that are driving to and from school property.

  • Provide traffic directors to help ease traffic.

  • Provide supervision in the school parking lots when students are coming and going.
  • Encourage new drivers to always wear their seatbelts.
  • Encourage drivers to not leave their keys in the car.  In addition, to not leave valuables (i.e. cd’s, books, etc.) in the car.  Do not encourage any break-ins.
  • Teach new drivers to always be aware and respectful of pedestrians on school grounds as well as back and forth to school.